March 28 ~ Everyday Gospel ~ Now What


Easter has passed…now what?

I enjoyed spending Easter with family and taking a day off work in the middle of my really busy time. Yet, for some reason, yesterday really didn’t feel like Easter.

Maybe it was the weather – foggy and rainy. That seems more like Good Friday weather. Easter is supposed to be bright and sunny – right?

Whatever the reason, it just didn’t feel like Easter.

Today’s Good News, is thankfully it is not our “feelings” that drive or reveal truth. Truth is truth. Yesterday, was Resurrection Sunday. An event took place almost 2,000 years ago that still changes lives today.

Don’t get me wrong, feelings are a good thing. They serve a purpose – they are there to inform us – but they should not drive the train.

Regardless of how we may feel, we can remind ourselves of what is true every day. Part of what is true is Jesus has conquered the grave. Jesus is alive and well. Jesus is at the right hand of the Father interceding on our behalf this very second. Jesus’ love for us is inexhaustible and unconditional. That’s really Good News!



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