The astounding thing about the Gospel of God’s grace is that it is simple enough for a child to understand, and yet so vast that we could discuss it for a lifetime and never exhaust our ability to learn more about it.

My writing is intended to be the spark for great conversations. I could be wrong, and I’m certain I do not have it all figured out. What I do know is I love to explore the riches of God’s grace, and it is His Good News that has shattered me – in a good way. The Gospel has shattered my pompous religion. It’s shattered my propensity to be the morality police. It’s shattered my desire to win theological debates. In fact, it’s shattered my obligation to convince you that I am right. I, indeed, have been ShatteredByTheGospel!

The truth is, the Gospel is not meant to be good advice. The Bible really isn’t about fixing your behavior. It is, instead, Good News to be heralded. Not in a combative way, but in the form of true friendship. Grace wins! God’s desire is to be with you and for you, not against you.

According to Jesus, in John 6:28-29, our part is simply to believe. Read Jesus’ more complete answer in verses 35-40.

There is much more, I could say here, but the truth is this blog is intended to reveal just some of the infinite ways the Gospel of God’s grace shows up in our lives every day.

Acts 20:24 is my inspiration and motivation – My life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.

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