The Grace of an April Fools Day Easter

We live in a world desperate for truth.

Often, looking at humanitarian issues (which have sadly become political), we desire to do what’s right, yet struggle to agree on what that is. I almost always avoid these discussions on social media, because these issues are more complex than a meme or a few paragraphs.

Today is an interesting paradox – April Fools Day and Easter.

I often hear the verse “a fool says in his heart there is no God” misapplied to just mean atheists.

But let’s be honest. Every one of us have wondered – If there’s a God then why…?

We all have those times when we allow our circumstances to override our belief…even if it’s just for a moment.

Here’s what I am sure of – the peace and love I experience through my relationship with Jesus is undeniable (even when my faith falters). He’s brought me through extraordinary trials and tragedy.

And the price Jesus paid to accomplish this for me (and you) was no joke.

Faith or foolishness, God allows us to decide.

The cross is foolishness to some. For me, l cannot imagine how difficult my life would be apart from Jesus.


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