Gospel Fluency

I have been following Jeff Vanderstelt for some time now. If you know me, you’ve heard me mention his name many times. I was honored to receive, read, and review a pre-release complimentary copy of the Gospel Fluency Handbook that he and Ben Connelly wrote.

Although you do not have to have Jeff’s book Gospel Fluency, the handbook references it often for deeper understanding of what’s being communicated, so I recommend both resources be used together.

This is not a shallow application of the book. The handbook will require you to dig in, and that’s a good thing. It provides excerpts from the Gospel Fluency book and then gives you exercises, both individually and as a community, to apply what’s being taught.


You know I’m huge on being in healthy community with other believers. This handbook will help your community get on the same page when it comes to understanding and speaking the Gospel fluently. This is one of the biggest privileges we receive as followers of Jesus, to speak the truth about Him into a dark and broken world, that’s so desperately in need of rescue.

Of course, we need to have the untainted Gospel spoken over us first, in order to be able to speak it clearly to those around us. Jeff’s teaching will provide the foundation you need to know and speak the Gospel well.

Give Away

To be clear, I’m not selling anything here, I will not receive any financial compensation if you decide to get this resource. It’s just some of the best teaching I know of regarding the Gospel. They are doing a small group bundle give away. The link below will take you there.

Gospel Fluency Handbook Ben Connelly Jeff Vanderstelt


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