March 29 ~ Everyday Gospel ~ Discovery


Yesterday I asked, “What now?” What was it like after that first Easter? Some have seen the risen Jesus. Others have not.

Some are elated; others doubt. All wondered – what now? It was a time of discovery.

Today’s Good News is that, just as it was some 2,000 years ago, today we can still be caught up in wonder when it comes to Jesus. There are always new things to discover.

Let’s be honest, someone coming back from the dead, that’s crazy. In fact, apart from the Holy Spirit revealing this is truth, I totally understand those who doubt.

Yet, in nearly 2,000 years there has not been anything to disprove the resurrection. When it comes to archeology, what has been discovered aligns with the Bible. There are portions of the biblical record where the writers say there are people still alive who were eyewitnesses to the resurrected Jesus, go ask them what they saw.

It was a time for discovery for those who followed Jesus then, and it’s a time of discovery for us today. What I love about following Jesus is He is always willing to let me wrestle with questions and never gives up on me – even when I wonder.

When’s the last time you bumped into Jesus and just let yourself wonder. He welcomes you and He welcomes your desire to discover Truth – and that’s Good News!



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