February 9 – Everyday Gospel – Birthday


I love my birthday. I can usually get away with being a little lazy. There’s always good food involved. People blow up my Facebook page with well wishes (by the way, I’m really bad about saying Happy Birthday on Facebook, so if I miss(ed) your birthday, please don’t hold it against me 😁).

My birthday is a reminder that I am blessed. Blessed with good friends, good family, a warm home, a business that provides for me and my family and allows me to give generously to others – blessed in so many ways. And all of it comes from the hand of a Heavenly Father who loves me. Not because I’m loveable, but because He is love. He blesses because that’s who He is.

But what if all He gave me was a relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus – would that be enough? I sure hope so. Truth is, I’m spoiled. Spoiled by receiving so much more than I deserve. And I’m thankful, but I pray I’d be just as thankful if all I had was Jesus.

Today’s Good News is a reminder that we are blessed to be a blessing to others. If you’re reading this, there’s a really good chance you have more, in a material sense, than most. You have the opportunity to be the vessel God uses to bless those around you – in big and small ways (and after all, giving and receiving a blessing is always a “big” thing).

A very close friend and I have adopted the Spock greeting – 🖖🏼. When Leonard Nimoy started using this symbol on Star Trek it came from his childhood seeing the Kohanim use that gesture representing the Priestly Blessing. Watch Nimoy talk about it here – http://youtu.be/RrdF3bXupF0

I’m not really a Trekkie, but I sure see the value of “giving blessings”. I pray today you recognize how blessed you are, and if you do, then you already know that’s really Good News. 🖖🏼


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