February 8 – Everyday Gospel – Tables not Alters


As a follow to yesterday’s writing regarding “Feasts”, I’m reminded that Jesus exchanged the alter for a table.

Before Jesus became the ultimate and final sacrafice, people were under the Law and the sacrificial system that went with it. That system required continuous sacrifices to be made and was a constant reminder of just how much we mess things up.

Jesus comes and provides the final sacrafice by laying His life on the alter of the cross. But before He does this He provides His followers with the way He wants them to remember Him. He invites them to the table.

When it comes to the Lord’s Supper, we must remember this was to be a celebration. Jesus is saying I’m fulfilling everything required of the alter – it is finished. And in exchange, Jesus says, “I invite you to eat and celebrate all I have done for you.”

Today’s Good News is you do not need to approach the Lord’s Supper under any guilt or shame. You are not bringing all your sins to the alter – those have been covered. Instead, you bring the freedom from the power of sin that Jesus has won for you and you celebrate around the banquet table!

Jesus is not looking for any more sacrifices (as if we really had anything to offer), He just wants you. He wants you to know the enormity of His love as demonstrated in His life, death, and resurrection. You have been freed from the PENALTY and the POWER of sin by His grace through faith (belief) – and that’s incredibly Good News!



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