February 10 – Everyday Gospel – Lent


Today begins Lent.

The role of Lent is to give something up in preparation for celebrating Easter.  Traditionally, you give up eating (fasting) and take the time you would have been eating and spend it in prayer.

I don’t have a problem with that, but I do want to provide something else to think about during this time. Easter is the celebration of Jesus resurrection. His resurrection reveals several things.

One, it shows us that death has been defeated. The penalty of sin has been overcome. Therefore, when we believe in Jesus, we’re assured we to will experience eternal life.

Two, the resurrection proves Jesus’ claims of being the Son of God were true. Some have said the cross was Jesus writing the check to pay the penalty of our sin. The resurrection proves the check cleared the bank.

Three, Jesus declaration that “It is finished,” means there’s no more requirement nor need for sacrifices for forgiveness of sin or to please God. The book of Hebrews is very clear that Jesus made the final sacrafice, and we recieve the benefit.

Today’s Good News is when it comes to giving up something for Jesus, the reality is He’s given up everything so we don’t have to – which is good because we really have nothing to bring to the table.

You may still want to observe Lent and give something up to focus your thoughts on Jesus, just remember this isn’t about making God love or accept you more. You are already fully accepted and completely loved because of what Jesus gave up for you – and that’s really Good News!


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