February 5 – Everyday Gospel – Complicated


Facebook has an “It’s Complicated” option for a relationship status. If we’re honest, that’s what all of us should use.

Relationships – all relationships – are complicated.

So, how do we navigate this area of our life that is ever-present and indeed complicated?

Here’s the key, we must find our fulfillment in Christ and not others. This doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy being around people – we do – but they are not what completes us.

I’m not a big fan of the term “my other half” for our spouse or significant other. That indicates that without someone else I am only 1/2 a person. But that’s not true. And this leads to giving single people a terrible and inaccurate thought that they are incomplete because they are single. Both Paul and Jesus indicated that being single was a good thing. They weren’t anti-marriage, but they certainly weren’t anti-single.

Here’s the other problem with thinking we need another human to complete us – we will enter relationships expecting way too much from the other person. In essence, we’re saying they need to be God in our life. Someone has said, “Even the best spouse makes a terrible god.” It’s true. And to put another person in the position of trying to accomplish what only God can do – that’s devestating to any relationship.

Today’s Good News is you can uncomplicate your relationships in a significant way just by learning the truth that in Christ you are already complete. Then you can enter into relationships with others not needing them to be God, but just enjoying their company.

So, go ahead, dive in, just remember you’re already complete – and that’s Good News!



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