February 4 – Everyday Gospel – Politics


Why politics draws me in and why I must resist.

First, this is not intended to say Believers should not be in politics – they should.

Second, this is not to say that everyone in politics is corrupt – they are not.

This is what I see in myself, and wonder if you may find it in yourself, too.

I love a debate, and if I do say so myself, I can be pretty good at them. But that in and of itself can be a problem. If I win the debate, but that ends the dialogue, then there’s little chance we can find common ground to share later, because, relationally speaking, there may not be a later.

Believe me, as I scroll through Facebook I have responses for every political meme and article I see. But I also know my heart is tainted and my motivation for replying would likely not be to unite us, but would probably drive a larger wedge between us.

So, it’s better that I not respond – especially on a forum like Facebook where so much can be misunderstood.

Does this mean I avoid conflict at all cost? Not at all. I’m pretty certain posting about the Gospel everyday is creating some conflict. The difference is one I know to be true, beneficial, and uplifting and the other is so culturally diverse that no one candidate could ever embrace all I believe to be right and healthy.

I’d much rather “debate” a message that lifts up people than one that often needs to tear down some to lift up others.

Today’s Good News is I’m not going to weigh in on any candidate, but I will tell you about the One many believed would be a political leader, but wasn’t. His message is not about defeating people, but about loving them right where they are and rescuing them. He even gathered men around Himself who were extremely politically diverse and told them that the world will know they were His followers by the way they loved one another. The same is true for us.

This is my hope during this political season – that I won’t get caught up in the circus that is our political system, but will find common ground with those around me regardless of their political affiliation. Do I have political opinions? Of course I do, but they must take a back seat to my desire for others to experience the overwhelming love of Christ and to know what it means to be fully accepted. Politics cannot do this for them, but a relationship with Jesus will – and that’s Good News!

More writing here – https://shatteredbythegospel.com/


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