February 6 – Everyday Gospel – Context


Just because something is in the Bible does not mean God is endorsing it. In fact, much of the behavior recorded in the Bible is NOT endorsed by God.

For instance, King David slept with someone else’s wife, got her pregnant, and when he couldn’t cover it up, he had the husband killed.

Abraham lied about his wife being his sister and allowed her into more than one king’s harem. And when his wife couldn’t get pregnant, she had him sleep with her maidservant. This sounds more like daytime TV then Scripture, but it’s all there.

Moses killed a man.

Many men took multiple wives.

Does any of this sound like good things? Does this sound like God’s will for us? Of course not.

God is not endorsing adultery, deception, murder, nor polygamy. The Bible is simply recording all the ways man has messed things up.

The Bible is authentic and transparent about how messed up we can be. The men I’ve described above are often labeled “heroes of the faith”! Really? I would contend that they point us to the need for a true hero. These men and all of the men and women in the Bible reveal what most of us already recognize about ourselves – we’re broken and we need saving from ourselves.

I am all for digging into the Bible to see what real life looks like, but we must always look at it in its complete context. If you just pull “sound bites” you can twist the Bible to say anything you want.

Today’s Good News is that the Bible is authentic. It doesn’t sugarcoat humanities ability to mess things up, and it reveals the solution God has planned from the very start. The “fix” is not a political structure, an ideology, the right method, or even knowledge of the Bible – the fix is a relationship with the One who is Lord over all of these things. And He’s on your side. He’s for you not against you. He is called Emmanuel – God with us. Yeshua. Jesus.

In the context of the whole of Scripture, Jesus is the answer. If you grew up going to Sunday School you already knew “Jesus” was the answer to every question, but He’s so much more than a “head knowledge” answer. He wants to walk with you every moment of everyday…and He does. That’s Good News!

More writing here – https://shatteredbythegospel.com/


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