February 1 – Everyday Gospel – How not What

We enjoyed a great time with the church gathered at our house last night. There were a lot of great things we talked about and one dealt with “thinking”.

The comment was made, “I don’t want to teach you WHAT to think; I want to teach you HOW to think.”

I love this thought!

I think this applies to many areas of teaching, but especially when it comes to spiritual things. God gives His Spirit to everyone who believes in Jesus. Some of the reasons God does this is so we can be lead, guided, comforted, and taught by the Spirit.

God rarely gives us specifics in Scripture, but He gives guiding principles. When it comes to applying those principles to specific life issues, we can rely on God’s Spirit to teach and guide us. God will lead different people to do different things in seemingly similar situations, and He has a purpose for each. This is why I love the thought that as a teacher my role is not to answer every spiritual question (telling you WHAT to think), but to remind you that you have the Spirit of God within you who will guide you (this is HOW to think).

For some this may seem abstract – I get that – but if we remember that what God desires most is a relationship with us, this makes perfect sense. If God just wanted puppets, He could have given us a giant “how to” book dealing with every scenario. But that’s not at all what He’s looking for – He wants to walk with you each day.

Today’s Good News is we don’t have to figure everything out. God gives us His Spirit and reminds us to rely on Him moment-by-moment. There are times God says don’t even worry about what you will say in certain situations, because the Spirit will give you the words when you need them.

I can be a bit of a control freak, so this can be a little intimidating for people like me. I like to plan and rehearse, but we all know life doesn’t typically fit neatly into our “scripts.” So, when we think about it, there really is a lot more comfort in knowing the God who created us, and everything around us, says, “I’ve got you.” That really is Good News!


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