January 31 – Everyday Gospel – Daily Balance

I keep an odd schedule. I was supposed to be a rock star, but that never happened.

What I have learned is my natural daily rhythm and to live within it as much as possible. Granted, being self-employed does give me flexibility that not everyone has, but I still believe understanding our “normal” rhythm can help us enjoy life much more.

Actually, it’s the Gospel that provides true abundant life, and living the way we’ve been created to live is part of that Gospel.

I usually don’t get up until 9 or 10 am, but I also don’t finish my previous day until 2 am or so. I told you I was supposed to be a rock star.

However, instead of waking up in a panic because it’s so late, I’ve learned to understand this is my natural rhythm. I use the remainder of the morning for reading, writing, and exercising. I will also usually check my email and respond to items I know off the top of my head.

Then I eat lunch and “start” work around noon. The flip side of self-employment flexibility is I can also work ALL the time. This is why I need to intentionally balance my days.

I used to work the remainder of the day and well into the night (and during tax season that is still true a lot), but this quickly puts me out of balance with family time and rest time. Now, I have set my alarm for 6:00 pm – this is “quitin’ time.” I have found that I am more productive when I limit the window I have to get things done. I also pre-prioritize my work day so I know what the most important tasks are for that day. This has made me much more efficient.

The evening is dinner with the family. Then we may watch a show together. Some evenings we also enjoy gathering with the church or doing other ministry work.

My wife is not on my schedule (she’s much more normal than I am), so she’s usually asleep by 10 pm, and this is the time I use for checking email one final time, finishing up any tasks that really needed to be done today, reading and a bit more writing. Then off to never never land between 2 and 3 am.

So, this may not seem very spiritual – how does this relate to the Gospel? Here are a few ways:

  • I no longer worry about what others think about the fact that I sleep until 10 am – this is the rhythm God’s given me.
  • The Gospel frees me from having to “get it all done” in one day at work. I could easily work 70-80 hour weeks all year long…and lose my family and my health. Not a good choice. So, I do all I can in the time provided and intentionally limit my income and my work to keep a balanced life.
  • The Gospel reminds me that I need to be in community. I enjoy these people and they help me keep my life in balance. If I don’t propioritize this time in my schedule (and limit my work time), that time will quickly evaporate.

Today’s Good News is you too can find your natural rhythm and find ways to live within it. When you do, you’ll find the balance you need to make work, family & friends, and rest a part of your daily routine. This does take some planning and intentionality to keep with it.

For me, it’s work that could easily consume all my time. Maybe for you it’s something else, but whatever it is that can quickly cause you to get out of balance, I encourage you to find ways to keep that from dominating your life so you can find a healthy balance. It is possible – and that’s Good News!

More writing here – https://shatteredbythegospel.com/


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