February 2 – Everyday Gospel – Pursuit

What are you pursuing?

How’s that for a broad question? More specifically, what are you pursuing in your spiritual life?

There are so many things that are “good” regarding our spiritual lives, but all of these can become idols. For instance, having a spiritual “experience” is great, but if we begin seeking just “experiences” then what started as something good quickly becomes a distraction to what we need most.

I love spiritual experiences. I love getting caught up in a moment of worship, but that’s not what spiritual life is primarily about.

Jesus says, “Follow me.”

It’s not all about what He can do for us in an earthly sense – although there is much He does do for us.

It’s not about a specific form of worship.

It’s not about how we feel.

These things will come and go. What Jesus invites us to pursue is Him.

Today’s Good News is that Jesus is all we need. Sure, there will be “experiences” – enjoy them, but don’t idolize them.

Jesus is just as close to you when you “feel” Him as when you don’t. God has not abandoned you just because you feel isolated. His promise is that He will never abandon you. Pursue Jesus and you’ll find you have all you need – and that’s really Good News!


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