January 16 – Everyday Gospel – Hurry

Happiness is finally getting to the rest stop when you needed one an hour ago!

A little late getting this post up today – I was traveling home from a business trip. I’m not a great traveler. I just like to get to my destination, but the journey – not so much. I know I should enjoy the journey, but hours of highway traffic, well, just not my favorite thing to do.

Many of us, myself included at times, can live our lives this way – just waiting to arrive at the next destination. Truth is, we miss a lot when we live this way. We’ll always be in a hurry to just “get there.” But as soon as we are “there” there’s always another “there” to start heading toward.

I don’t remember the original person who said this, but I have a note on my computer monitor that says, “Ruthlessly eliminate hurry.” It’s there because I need the reminder often. This is about slowing down, lowering the stress level, and enjoying the journey.

Today’s Good News is God has built a reminder of this into our week – every week, it’s called the Sabbath. It’s a consistent reminder to ruthlessly eliminate hurry from our schedule – our lives.

Today is the Sabbath, I hope you had some time to slow down and enjoy it. You’ll be amazed how rejuvenated you’ll be if you just build a rest day into your week. It is possible and you can do it. Your life situation may mean you need to allow others to help you get this rest day – watching the kids, or helping with whatever you need to get this time off, but you can do it. If your plugged into a community of friends, talk about how you can help each other. It’s possible and you’ll love it – and that’s Good News!




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