January 15 – Everyday Gospel – Ally

I write a lot about community. I think it’s a powerful, and all to often missing, part of our lives. Yes, we may have numerous acquaintances and even more Facebook “friends”, but how many people are you close enough to to be able to share your struggles? For many, the answer is few, for some the answer is none.

In the U.S., we live in a culture that prizes individuality, and this is to our detriment. It means to really build relationships we are going to have to be intentional.

The truth is we all need an Ally – or a few allies.

An Ally is someone we know is on our side. It’s someone we can trust to really hear us. It’s someone who has our back and wants the best for us. And, of course, an Ally is someone whom we’d do all of this for them, too.

There is a lot of talk about accountability these days. Sadly, most accountability is essentially “try harder,” but if that worked, I think we’d be a lot better already.

What we need is a reminder of who we really are in Christ – to be reminded of our true identity as I wrote about on Monday.
What we need is an Accountability Ally!

Today’s Good News is that there are probably people already in your life who we be a great Allies for you in this way – and you for them.

Think about it, with whom can you have this conversation? I promise you won’t regret making the effort, and you’ll find yourself a true Ally ( or two, or three) – and that’s Good News!


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