January 17 – Everday Gospel – Home

It’s good to be home. I like home. Home is where I know where things are (most of the time). Home is where I can be myself. Home is where I’m known. Home is where I am loved.
Jesus said He has gone to prepare a place for us and has promised to return for us. I really don’t know how all of that will play out, but I do know this – I cannot wait to see the home Jesus builds for me.

Today’s Good News is, yes, all of the things I said about home are true, yet they are just a shadow – a foretaste – of what is to come. Randy Alcorn wrote a book called “Heaven”. His view is that heaven will be a lot like our lives today, with one very big exception – we won’t have to deal with the consequences of sin. There will be no funeral homes and no graveyards on the new earth. We won’t need hospitals or prescriptions.

I think he’s right. I think our eternity will include all of the great parts of this life, without all the baggage – and that’s Good News!



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