January 6 – Everday Gospel – Sharing Meals

I enjoy an excellent dinner with a great friend almost every Wednesday night. This is an awesome time of just sharing life together. There’s no real agenda, we just talk about life and whatever else comes to mind as we share a meal and drink together.

This unscripted time makes for some of the best and deepest conversations. But what really makes this a great time is it’s a safe place to explore our thoughts. We can just say what we’re thinking, put it out there, and kick it around…together.

We trust each other with our thoughts, with our doubts, and with our musings. Not every thought is a good one, not all of them are theologically sound, but we figure that out…together.

We all need safe places and safe people like this in our lives. Today’s Good News is we can have it if we just take the time to share a consistent meal with someone and are willing to be transparent.

See you tonight, my friend!




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