There is a tension in being known.

We all want to be known – to feel like we belong; like our lives matter; like we have something to offer.

The tension arises when we try to determine what gives us our worth? What gives us value?

Sadly, we often fall into the trap that we must accomplish something to truly be worthy. We run after accomplishment, but when we catch it, we find it empty. If we don’t catch it, we feel defeated…unworthy.

How can we find our value in something that won’t be fleeting; that won’t let us down?

It must come from outside of us.

Many people have no idea how valuable they are – because they’ve looked for their value in the wrong places. Your worth has nothing to do with your GPA, nor job title, nor social status, nor political party, nor bank account balance…

Your worth is determined by your Creator. I’m not much of an art person, but I know this much – the real value of a canvas has very little to do with the paint on it, and everything to do with the one who painted it. The creator is the one who gives it value.

The same is true for you. Your Creator is the One who determines your worth, and here are just some of the words He has put into His Word (the Bible) to describe you:



Set apart


Royal priesthood

Knit together

Fearfully and wonderfully made


Made in God’s very image

If you want to be worth knowing, you need to know your true worth, and Who has made you so.


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