A friend tagged me on Facebook with this article 59 Percent of Millennials Raised in a Church Have Dropped Out—And They’re Trying to Tell Us Why

Here was my reply to him:

There is a lot of truth here…sad truth. I’ve struggled to find the balance between essentially zero institution and still finding a way to connect with people.

Probably the most difficult thing for me is I love to “mentor/teach” (just be a friend, really), but I’m also extremely introverted. So, I’ll hang with a few (who, for the most part, have sought me out), but I’m not going to all the parties to meet new people. Maybe I need to change that, but I’m certainly not wired that way.

I’ve essentially worked alone for 23+ years. I like solitude and quiet. But that can really work against getting connected with people.

I’m still searching…

I shocked myself with my own honesty. Here’s more truth – being self-employed I work a lot…probably too much. In this digital I can be connected all day every day with my business and my clients – and I am.

While I would love to “serve the least of these” around me, how do I do it? Given my schedule and my love for being alone, in quiet places, how do I connect?

I am keenly aware of the standard answers:

…find a group to serve [but, for the most part, I much prefer being alone].

…find what you’re passionate about [teaching and writing – but this doesn’t require real connection. I’m writing this from my room, quiet, and alone…and happy].

…just love people more [I do love people – I really do – but being with them wears me out. So, I have to do it in small increments].

Here’s what I have found that I really enjoy:

Being at home with my family! This is, by far, my favorite thing to do.

Thursday nights with a small community of friends. This is one of my favorite times of the week when it comes to being connected with people outside of my immediate family. I love these people and we talk a lot about the Gospel (my favorite subject).

Wednesday night dinners with a friend. I like hanging out with a guy 20 years younger than I am, who I have known for a long time (since he was in high school). He’s passionate about Jesus and the Gospel, so I love just doing life with him.

Mid-mornings (because I am asleep early-mornings). When I first get up, the house is usually pretty quiet and I typically scroll through emails and Facebook – and occasionally do some writing (I’m writing this at 10 am on Saturday).

Late nights. Normal people have gone to bed by now, but this is my decompress time. Usually, either reading a good book, or vegging in front of the TV.

I’m just not sure how doing these things helps me connect with the Millennial generation that is wandering away…


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