Burying Jesus

We bury the dead. From where I’m standing it looks to me like, for many, Jesus is dead.

In the West, Jesus is buried by political correctness, individualism, materialism, consumerism, and so much more. (I see too much of this in my own life.)

In religious groups Jesus can get buried by our religion. (Been there and can still go there.)

For those who “dislike religion but love Jesus” we can still bury Jesus with our own reasoning and even in our defense of Him. We say we love Jesus, but we’re so busy defending our dislike for religion we’ve lost touch with Jesus.

This writing, right now, is teetering on making the same mistake. Being about Jesus, but not really loving Him…burying Him in my words.

Jesus, You are my all in all. You are my breath. Your are my life. May I know the true You. May Your love fill me; overflow through me. May others see You, the true You, when they see me. I must decrease so You can increase. Your love and Your grace truly are… Amazing!


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