March 26 ~ Everyday Gospel ~ Passion 7


The Sabbath of Passion week is here.

The original Sabbath was declared by God after He had finished His work of creation. Was God tired?

No, He is God, He does not get tired.

He rested because the work was completed – creation was finished.

Now it is the Sabbath following Jesus’ crucifixion – Jesus is physically dead and resting in the tomb. Not because He is tired, but because the work is, once again, finished.

It is finished!

Jesus has accomplished the work He came to do.

Today’s Good News is that Jesus IS the Good News. His life, death, and soon-to-be resurrection is the Good News. The Good News is not a feeling, or a power, or a system, or a three-easy-steps to whatever. No, the Good News is a Person, which means we are invited into a relationship, not a religion.

The Good News is Jesus. 

He wants to bring “rest” to your life. Feel overwhelmed? Feel like you can never catch up? Feel like life is crashing in from every side? Let me invite you to discover the “rest” that only Jesus can bring. How? You believe in the finished work of Jesus. He’s done all the work.

This is not a promise that everything will suddenly be better. It’s not a promise that you’ll never struggle again. It is a promise that Jesus will bring inexplicable peace and rest in the midst of all that is going on around you.  That’s Good News!



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