March 6 ~ Everyday Gospel ~ Dinner


Today, I had the opportunity to invite men to come experience Avoiding Life’s Landmines and Healing From the Ones You’ve Already Blown Up. I am a presenter for Gathering of Men and we’ll be facilitating this experience in a couple of weeks.

As I was thinking about how to promote this time together here are a few things I thought about –

When men understand THEIR TRUE IDENTITY in Christ,

  • the family flourishes
  • the work places and classrooms become mission fields for really Good News
  • the gym and ball fields become places of encouragement, not trash talk
  • and, maybe most importantly, the family dinner table becomes a sacred space.

Of course, this is not just true for men – it’s true for all of us.

I recently watched a video where parents were asked if they could have anyone over for dinner, living or dead, who would it be? Of course, famous names were given as answers. Then they asked their kids. Watch the video here.

If you don’t have Facebook you can see it here (video is on the right side of this home page).

Yes, the dinner table should be a sacred space.

I know it’s not always possible to get together with the whole family at dinner. But when you can – do it!

Today’s Good News is meal times show up every day and they are a great opportunity for families to gather together and reconnect.

I know I love gathering with my family and good friends around a meal. Meals bring down walls and produce a wonderful environment for sharing life together.

You’ll have seven opportunities this week to get together for dinner. Be intentional about using at least a few of these to connect with the ones you love. You won’t be disappointed- and that’s really Good News!


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