February 26 ~ Everyday Gospel ~ Recharge


Tax season is taxing. 😎

For the next six weeks or so my schedule will be insane. Sixty to eighty hour work weeks often become the norm. However, it’s just for a season, and knowing this makes it bearable.

Still, there’s a need to rest. So, I’m reminded again that a new Sabbath has begun (at sundown Friday night). Sadly, it won’t be a full Sabbath rest for me tomorrow, but it won’t be a full day either.

Today’s Good News is the Sabbath is for our benefit and reminds us to keep work from completely taking over our lives. Yes, there may be seasons where work requires more than normal hours, but we must remain mindful that we need rest, too.

Hopefully, you can enjoy a time to recharge this weekend (or another day this week as your work schedule allows). I’m reminded again that sometimes our life situations may require we get some help from others (like having a friend watch the kids for a while). This is where being a part of healthy community can be a life saver. Don’t be afraid to seek help when you need it. God designed us to work, and He designed us to rest – and that’s Good News!



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