February 22 ~ Everyday Gospel ~ Game Changers 4


Today’s Gospel Game Changer is related to our identity. In Christ, we have been given a completely new identity. The old has gone, the new has come. Today’s game changer is –

In Christ, we are Saints!

If you’re like me, when you look in the mirror the first thought is not, “Hey there, Saint!” Most of the time I don’t feel like a saint. Sadly, too often, I don’t act like one either.

Bill Gillham points out that our spiritual identity is based on birth, not behavior. We are all born into sin. When Adam sinned, we all inherited his sin. But before we point our finger at him, keep in mind Adam and Eve are perfect representations of you and me. In other words, had we been the ones in the Garden of Eden, we would have done the exact same thing they did. How do we know? Because we continue to rebel against God every day in multiple ways.

Today’s Good News is while your first birth was into sin, your re-birth is into perfection – because Jesus has traded His perfection for our sin. When we are “born again” we are re-born as saints, holy ones, according to the Bible.

Want proof? Look at how the Apostle Paul addresses all but one of his letters – to the “saints” (some translations say “holy ones”). We also know he’s not greeting them this way because of their stellar behavior. Most of his letters contain a lot of correction that they need. Which, by the way, Paul always roots in the Gospel, not the Law. No, Paul calls them (and, therefore, us, as part of the Church today) “saints” because that is what God has declared us to be.

So, we can no longer call ourselves “sinners saved by grace.” We are “saints capable of sinning, but we hate it when we do.” The difference being that our sinful selves have been crucified with Christ, and we’ve been made new. Our true identity is “Saint” – so, live in that identity. That’s Good News!



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