We love the picture of adoption.

In our North American culture, most adoptions are infants or very young children. So, when we read about being adopted by God, we often think about being rescued infants, dearly loved, and brought up in a loving household.

While this is not necessarily inaccurate, it is incomplete. In Saint Paul’s day, infant adoption was rare; most adoptions served the purpose of securing an heir for the father’s estate. In that culture, if the father did not have a son, he would adopt an older male. Often this man would have been a servant/slave prior to being adopted.

The one adopted would have all his previous debts erased and now would receive everything the father owned.

He went from slave to son!

This is what has been done for all who believe. Spiritually speaking, the debt we owe due to our sin has been completely erased and we’ve inherited the complete perfection of God.

Wow! That is truly good news!

You may be thinking, but God had a Son – Jesus. Yes, and we are in Christ. He is the head of the body to which we belong.

The good news goes even further — we’re not alone! There is a community aspect to all of this. Together we are one body — the adopted.

Finally, our heavenly Father is a great one. I am blessed with a wonderful earthly father, but I know many are not. As part of our adoption, our heavenly Father loves us unconditionally and invites us to call Him “Abba” — Daddy.


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