January 9 – Everyday Gospel – Sabbath

Well, the Holidays are behind us for another year. For many, it’s been a time for less work. But do you feel rested and ready to face a new year?

Today is the biblical Sabbath (day of rest), but it seems we’ve forgotten how to truly rest. Just stopping work is not resting. Just sitting on the couch is not resting. What we really need is an internal rest – rest for our souls.

Out of that kind of rest, we will find true rejuvenation.

In Genesis it says God saw all that He had made, and declared it to be very good, and He rested.

Does God really need to rest? Does God get tired?

No. He rested because His work was complete. One of our main problems is were never satisfied with our work. We don’t see it as ever being complete. But that’s because we are looking at it from a worldly perspective and there are always more items on our “to do” list.

The rest God offers is NOT opposed to working – there was work in the Garden of Eden –  but the rest God offers is much more penetrating.

Our souls need to be at rest – at peace, knowing that what really matters is completed. This begs the question what really matters and how is it completed?

We tend to complicate the answer. It’s really quite simple, but it invades every aspect of our lives. The answer is what we really need is to know that we are at peace with our Creator. And the way this is completed has nothing to do with our effort (our work). Jesus has done it all and has declared, “It is finished!” For more, read here – https://shatteredbythegospel.com/2015/12/14/defining-gospel-it-is-finished/

The Bible clearly says we have been reconciled – our relationship with God has been permanently mended – through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Period.

Jesus said our only part is to “believe”.

Yes, this believing will transform us and it will give us the power we need to do many great things, but it all begins with rest – rest for our souls.

So, today’s Good News is that you do NOT have to try and earn God’s love nor favor. That work has been completed by Jesus and we are the beneficiaries.

The only thing required of us is to believe, and that’s really Good News!



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