January 3 – Everyday Gospel – Loss

A close friend passed away one year ago today. I am blessed to still spend a lot of time with her son (who was a youth when I was doing youth ministry), and I am beginning to share more time with her husband. I know it has been a very difficult year for both of them.

Still, I am reminded that this earth, as it is right now, was never meant to be our permanent home. The Bible describes those who believe in Jesus as foreigners in a foreign land. I’m so thankful for this truth.

You see, the Good News for today is that all of this is temporary. It has a purpose – we are called to love God and love each other while we journey together here – but this is not the final chapter of our story. When believers pass from this life, they become more alive than ever. They begin to experience what it’s like to be alive without the burden of sin, struggle, and sickness. They begin to experience life as God originally intended.

As great as that is there’s still one more step that God will use to bring complete restoration. He has promised a new heaven and a new earth; along with that we will recieve new bodies. The older I get the more I look forward to all of this – to experiencing life the way it’s truly meant to be – forever.

That day is coming and that’s Good News!




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