January 20 – Everyday Gospel – Be There

What is the best thing someone could do for you today?

Take a moment to think about it. Go deeper than reactionary thinking. My surface thinking is usually something like, “Give me a million bucks,” or “Give me a paid day off,” or something equally temporary and shallow.

But if I think about it, what I really need is people to care about me, to see me, to hear me, to know me.  This is what I really need…and most of us are starving for it.

Now, let me turn the tables, instead of seeking after this from someone else today, I want you to think about how you can give this to someone else today.

I have someone in mind that I really need to catch up with. I’m going to be intentional today about re-connecting with them. And not just via typed words, but actually take time to plan to get with them face-to-face, live and in person – crazy talk, I know.

Today’s Good News is two-fold. One, the reason we often seek this interaction from others is because we are desperate for this type of relationship. And while we do need this human interaction, if we really want to get to a place where we can put others first, then we need a source for having everything we need that’s NOT dependent on those around us. None of us can provide this for each other perfectly, but Jesus can – and has. He’s done everything for us to recieve all we truly need – to be cared about, seen, heard, and known. If you don’t know Jesus in this way, let me encourage you to seek to know Him in this way.

Out of a relationship with Jesus, who provides everything we need, we are then freed to do the second part of living the Good News – we can love the people around us without needing anything in return. Of course, we love being loved in return, we just don’t require it.

So, if you don’t know Jesus in this way, how can you change that? Two, how can you “be there” for someone else today? You’ll find when you can freely give yourself away, you’ll be just as blessed (maybe more so) than the one you’re blessing.

Create space to really “be there” for others, you won’t regret it – and that’s Good News!


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