January 14 – Everyday Gospel – Power

My auto insurance company gave me a plug-in that monitors my driving and provides discounts if I drive in ways they know are safer.

This monitor will reveal how well, or poorly, I drive, but it has no power to make me a better driver. This reminds me of God’s Law – like the 10 Commandments. The Law reveals what a well lived life looks like, but it has no power to help me live that life.

I want to live a well lived life, just like I want to be a safe driver. But there needs to be more than just a “monitor” for this to become reality in my life.

Today’s Good News is there is a power available to us. In fact, it’s more than a power, it the Person of God’s Spirit. God doesn’t just provide the Law, He provides the power for us to live it.

A pastor I like reading wrote, “…the Spirit does use both God’s law and God’s gospel. But the law and the gospel do very different things. The law reveals sin but is powerless to remove it. It points to righteousness but can’t produce it. It shows us what godliness is, but it cannot make us godly. As Martin Luther said, ‘Sin is not canceled by lawful living, for no person is able to live up to the Law. Nothing can take away sin except the grace of God.’ The law apart from the gospel can only crush; it cannot cure.”

No, we will not live perfectly, but this is another reason why the Gospel is so powerful. It not only gives us the power to live well, but also rescues us when we don’t – and that’s really Good News!

By the way, I’m a very good driver.



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