Do you ever feel this way? Traveling purposefully towards a vague destination. I do.

I have bits and pieces of a grand idea, but I’m just not sure what that final destination looks like. Sometimes this is okay. We must remember that often times the journey is the destination.

I experienced this clearly the first time we went on a cruise. If you’re just waiting for the ports to have fun, you’ll miss 90+% of the entertainment. The boat itself is a massive part of the destination – the journey is the destination.

Yet, there are times when we really do need to focus and, as Stephen Covey taught, begin with the end in mind. Where is it you want to end up?

Chances are you probably won’t end up exactly where you thought, but you will be a lot closer if you have that desired vision of the future.

I have some projects I’ve been thinking about again recently and as I went back to my notes I realized it’s been over two years since I first began recording specific thoughts regarding these ideas. Two years! While I have been adding new ideas along the way, this journey is very much be a coddiwomple. It’s time to hone in on my desired destination.

A good start to being purposeful is knowing your ‘Why?’ Take time to focus your thinking on where you want to end up, and by all means enjoy the daily journey along the way.


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