Where do you find security in your life?

For many of us, we seek security in some very insecure things. The truth is we have a lot less control than we think. For instance, some of the things I am tempted to rely on for security are my accounting practice, my bank account, and my health.

The reality is tax laws could change very quickly, and while that would not put me out of business it would certainly be a major hit.

Money has a way of coming and going in very unexpected ways.

And while we can attempt to live healthy lives, I’ve known many “very health” people who have had sudden and traumatic changes in their health.

I’m sure you have your own list of things you may think provide security, but I’m also willing to bet if you examine that list you’ll quickly discover ways that that security blanket could disappear quickly.

Is there anything that’s truly reliable? No. But there is Someone who has promised to never leave us nor foresake us. He is the One who is called our Rock – a solid foundation.

What’s more, this foundation will even outlast this world.

Let me encourage you with this – this world is broken, but Jesus promised He is making all things new again. This world is full of trouble and disappointment, but Jesus said He has overcome this world. This world is incredibly insecure, but Jesus has promised a peace, in good times and bad, that is so secure it’s hard to even explain it – but incredible to experience!

How do we experience such peace? We recognize that our way of living is often in contradiction with God’s desire for us – He wants the very best for us. We may not even recognize it, but when we attempt to find security in something (or someone) other than Jesus, we are saying we know better than our Creator how to live. That’s foolish and it’s why our lives are such roller coasters.

When we admit this and put our trust in Jesus, we recieve all that God desires for us to have – real life now and eternal life to come.

Apart from Christ this world provides no guarantees. With Him, you can experience a peace that will keep you sane when everything around you is going crazy. Thank you, Jesus!

Where are you attempting to find security in your life?


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