Every have one of those days where your schedule explodes early in the day and the rest of the day you play catch-up? That was today.

Still, it was a day where I didn’t freak out and just did what I could. I have to say that’s new for me. It’s the work of the Gospel in my life. Normally, I would have over-reacted and pushed harder. With the expected result of just making things worse and making myself miserable.

Today’s Good News is this is what the Gospel provides – peace in the middle of life’s storms. Granted, this was a little storm, but I’ve felt the peace in much larger storms, too. This is part of the Father’s heart towards us.

Jesus said that the peace He gives is nothing like what the world can provide (John 14:27) and the peace He gives overcomes anything the world throws at us (John 16:33) – and that’s Good News!



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