March 11 ~ Everyday Gospel ~ Questions


Last night was another great night gathered with the church.

I love these people. They’re open. They’re honest. And they like to ask tough questions. We were going through Jesus explaining to His disciples that He had all authority and that He was with them – always! He was releasing them to love people in their every day lives, and inviting them to help people “bump into Jesus” and follow Him.

We are a group who has been captured by the Gospel. Therefore, we run everything we read and hear through the lens of Jesus’ declaration, “It is finished!” Still, the question came up last night – what is included by the declaration of Christ?

The answer is… a lot!

I’m going to take the next however many days it takes to walk through at least some of the things that are finished by Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

Today’s Good News is it’s great for Jesus’ followers to ask tough questions. It helps us learn or remember why we believe what we believe. There’s no reason to shy away from them. Yes, some things are a mystery. That’s what makes God God, but the same is true for science and everything else in life that we continue to explore and learn about.

So, go ahead, gather with some friends, open the Bible, and ask tough questions. Dig in – together. The Spirit will lead and teach you (He has promised to do this). You’ll find that when you dive in together you’ll grow closer to Jesus and each other – and that’s Good News!



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