March 8 ~ Everyday Gospel ~ Communication


There was another piece about Sunday night’s gathering that I really liked (see yesterday’s post for the first part) – we were pushing back when we weren’t sure what the other person was saying. One of the most important parts of healthy relationships is good communication. Without it, your relationships will always be a struggle.

Words matter. Words mean specific things. When we communicate, the words we use matter; however, good communication is a two-way street. The listener also needs to work to understand what the speaker is trying to communicate. When you’re not sure, you ask.

That’s what happened Sunday night. The result was good communication and mutual understanding. Even if there’s disagreement, at least make sure it’s true disagreement and not just miscommunication (and it’s okay to disagree agreeably).

Today’s Good News is great relationships come a lot easier when we seek to really understand each other. The give and take of healthy communication is key – and the environment matters. I understand the draw of large groups (think Sunday morning services), but that environment is very limited when it comes to great communication. If the listener isn’t sure what’s trying to be communicated, there’s often no way to push back and ask what the speaker means.

This is why I love small gatherings of the church, and why I strongly encourage you to gather with a few friends and build great relationships marked by awesome communication.  Many talk about how hard relationships are and the struggle of small groups. I would argue, that’s primarily due to poor communication. Instead, focus on really getting to know each other through open and clear communication. You’ll develop life-long friendships – and that’s really Good News.



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