February 28 ~ Everyday Gospel ~ Parallels



I find the parallels throughout the Bible revealing and fascinating. The one I find most fascinating is Adam and Jesus (the second Adam).

In every way that Adam failed, Jesus prevailed. Consider these parallels:

  • Two Gardens – Adam was selfish in Eden; Jesus was selfless in Gathsemane.
  • Two Desires – Adam desired to be “like God”; Jesus let go of “equality with God”.
  • Two Trees – Adam took of the tree; Jesus gave on the tree.
  • Two Results – Adam brought sin into the world; Jesus brought salvation.
  • Two Substitutes – Adam wanted to substitute himself for God; Jesus is God substituting Himself for us.
  • Two Outcomes – Adam brought death; Jesus brings life.

Today’s Good News is that while Adam’s failure is where we all begin, it’s not where we have to end. Remember, we prove daily that Adam is a perfect representation of us – we consistently and constantly rebel against God.

Yet, in the middle of our rebellion, Jesus shows up and rescues us from ourselves. Take another look at the list above. If I’m honest, Adam’s side of the list looks a lot like me – selfish, desiring to be “God” of my life, taking the things I know God has asked me not to take, bringing sin into my life daily, without intervention from Someone outside of myself, a life destined for death (physical and spiritual).

Ah, but wait! One has intervened. One has shown up. The other list is true, too, and Jesus is my Substitute. All I deserve and have earned with my rebellion, Jesus takes upon Himself. And, as He takes my rebellion, He places upon me His perfection. Clearly, I haven’t earned this – it must be a gift.

The same can be true of your life. Jesus has already done His part. He offers the gift of substituting your mess for His spotlessness. Your rebellion for His obedience. Your death for His life.


Repent means to change the way you think. It also represents the idea of turning. So, when the Bible talks about repenting, it means we change the way we think about Jesus. He’s not just some cool teacher that was good with words, He is the very Son of God become flesh to rescue us. We believe this to be true and we turn to Him.

Jesus will take it from there. He’ll never make you do something you don’t want to do – but you will discover what you “want to do” will change. You’ll begin to desire the real life that He offers and you’ll gladly release the “death” you’ve been clinging to – and that’s incredibly Good News!



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