February 18 ~ Everyday Gospel ~ Friends


This week has been a little challenging. I’m wrestling with some spiritual questions. None of them earth shattering, just what’s the best – biblical – way to approach some things. In the middle of this, I pulled my back a couple of days ago and this has put me into slow motion physically. 🙂

Yet, there is peace. I love peace.

And there are friends. Friends who pray with me. Friends with whom I can talk things through and trust them to push back when needed.

Today’s Good News is this peace is offered to all by the One who already knows what tomorrow holds. And friendships, while taking intentionality, can be forged and provide a community we can love and trust.

If you’re not experiencing peace, regardless of your circumstances, let me introduce you to my friend, Jesus. I’d encourage you to find a quiet place and just have a conversation with Him. It may seem a little weird at first, but He promises to be “found” by all who truly “seek” Him.

If you don’t have some good friends you can lean on, take the time to start building those relationships. Start by being to others the kind of friend you want to have.

Knowing the One who is Peace and having true friends you can trust, will make the good times even better and the tough times less debilitating – and that’s really Good News.


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