January 13 – Everyday Gospel – Crutch

Is Christianity a crutch?

One thing I hear fairly often, in different forms, is a pushback against Christianity because “it’s just a crutch for weak people.” I always find that a bit amusing in that I know believers who are military Special Forces. I’m willing to bet most people who think it’s just a crutch for the weak probably wouldn’t be willing to say it these guys faces – they are far from weak in any sense.

Yet, my answer to this question may surprise you.

Yes, Christianity is a crutch. And there’s none better. In fact, it goes further – it’s more than a crutch, it’s a foundation.

Keep in mind, I make a distinction between the world religion that’s labeled “Christianity” and being a believer in Jesus. The world religion is incredibly tainted and marred. And many claim to be Christian by default. They run through the other world religions and know they aren’t any of those, therefore, they default to “Christian”. But believing in Jesus goes much deeper than just acknowledging religious thoughts. It’s personal. Not all “Christians” are believers, but all believers are Christians – in the truest sense of being “in Christ”.

So, back to believing in Jesus being a crutch/foundation. Our belief is foundational to our lives. It’s the lens through which we see the world. It’s the power source for being able to love without strings attached.

Everyone has crutches – our titles, our GPA, our bank accounts, where we live, who we married, our addictions – pretty much anything can become our crutch. It’s what we rely on to define ourselves.

Today’s Good News is that believing in Jesus transforms who we are and provides a solid, unshakable foundation for our lives. We are given a new identity which no longer relies on our ability to perform, but is based on the performance – His life, death, and resurrection – that Jesus has already completed…perfectly.

The single act of trusting Jesus – that is turning away from our self-directed life and turning toward Jesus and His completed work – is what allows His perfection to become our perfection…and that’s a solid foundation upon which to build a life – and really Good News!




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