January 8 – Everyday Gospel – Rest


It’s FRIDAY! That alone is really good news, as for many of us this has been the first full work week in a while.

Last year I read a book titled “Rest: Living Sabbath Every Day” by Shannon Deal. She explored this whole issue of finding real rest in our over-packed lives. It’s a great study in discovering what true rest is and how we can benefit from it every day.

Over the past few years I’ve seen people have a word that they want to focus on for the year. I haven’t done that before, until now. This year, I want to understand and practice “REST”.

The Jewish time keeping is fascinating to me as the next day actually starts the night before. This is interesting because the day actually begins with REST. God gives us rest to prepare us for the work ahead. I love this view of time. I love that we can start our work from a place of rejuvenation.

Add to this that Saturday is the Shabbat or Sabbath. This means that Shabbat actually begins tonight when you can see three stars. Shabbat is not meant to be a legalistic day of rest, it’s meant to be a day to rest from our work and enjoy relationships. A day to trust that the world won’t end if you take time off work and enjoy the people around you. A day to remember that God is the One who provides all we need when we need it. And something we are in desperate need of is learning how to unplug.

Today’s Good News is God knows how much you need rest, and He wants you to enjoy a full day of rest starting at sundown tonight.

I realize not everyone gets Saturdays off work. Again, this is a gift from our Heavenly Father – I encourage you to find another Sabbath day to rest. I also realize that some have life situations that make resting very difficult. This is where community can be a real life saver. Look around, who could use some much needed rest and how can you help them get it?

We all need time to rest, and our Heavenly Father has promised His provision, we can rest in this truth and that’s Good News!




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