Why Community?


Why is being in community such a big part of being a follower of Jesus?

  • God the Father, Son, and Spirit live in ever-present community with each other.
  • Jesus lived life in community while on earth.
  • The context of most of the Bible assumes we are living in close community.
  • We are wired for community.
  • We are “one body”. Each part of the body is critical to all the other parts. Everyone is important and necessary for a healthy body (community) to exist.
  • We need community – even in our massively individualistic Western culture, we cannot thrive in isolation.
  • The community experienced and lived out between believers should be so distinct and attractive that those outside the community would see it and want to be apart of it.
  • Community helps protect us from forming God into our own image. Community helps us to see God is so much bigger than our tiny perspective. Community reveals God in all of His many facets.
  • It’s within community that we truly get to know others. Different people bring out different parts of our personalities and we experience people in a much more full way when we share life together.
  • Like a prowling lion, Satan, goes after those who are isolated. The lion doesn’t go after those in the middle of the herd, but those who are separated from the group are at risk.
  • Collectively we are a royal priesthood, a holy nation, the temple of God — the church.
  • It is only within community that we can live out the “one another’s” of Scripture.
  • It is within community that we lift each other up when the world (and even our own thoughts) tries to beat us up. When we stick together we can remind each other of who we really are in Christ – fully accepted, unconditionally loved, a child of the King, one set free from both the penalty and the power of sin.

There are many more reasons it’s important to be in community – what would you add?


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