Have you ever wondered why we are so quick to clean up stains?

Sure, we like things to look clean, but the truth is much of life is messy. Even good things, like having friends over for a party, can be messy – like spilled wine on the carpet.

Maybe we should recognize some stains as a good thing and consider leaving them as a visual reminder of experiences with friends and family enjoying food and drink together.

Each stain tells a story – the family reunion, the Christmas dinner, the graduation, the difficult night when conversation was deep and difficult.

Maybe we should not be so quick to blot out the stain, especially when it comes from being close to the ones we love.

Let’s talk about it (reply below) –

Should we leave some stains?


2 thoughts on “Stains

  1. Very true. Often times it’s those little imperfections that remind us of a cherished memory. Of a missing loved one. Of a powerful moment.

    Cherished memories have a way of engaging my imagination, taking me back to a place of emotional fondness and longing… And when these memories come about in an unexpected way – like noticing a wine stain on a carpet, or a wall that wasn’t painted to completion, or a chip taken out of a wooden table – it’s when I need the memory the most.

    When whatever life is throwing at me in this very moment seems inescapable, when reality is all-encompassing… A fond memory of loved ones in a time gone far by helps remind me what life is about.
    Not perfectionism.



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